Protex® is an inherently flame resistant modacrylic fiber that enhances finished fabrics with flame extinguishing benefits. Because Protex fibers are inherently flame resistant, their FR properties never wash out or wear off.

Innovation: Protex®-A is a newly developed Protex® modacrylic fiber, designed specifically with excellent IR energy absorption capability.


Protex is a supple fiber with a natural feel. Protex can be blended with other, non-FR fibers such as rayon, polyester, nylon and cotton to create soft, comfortable clothing. But even when blended with flammable fibers, Protex can protect the finished fabric from igniting or continuing to burn.*

Blends of natural and modacrylic fibers provide more comfort because modacrylic fibers absorb far less moisture than natural fibers.

Because Protex can be blended with so many fibers, Protex-enhanced clothing comes in the widest range of 
styles. Protex is easy to dye, so it’s available in the widest range of colors.

All the Protex fibers are certified by Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

* Protex’s ability to protect the blended fabric from ignition is dependent upon the blend ratio of other fibers with Protex.

Once FR performance is established, comfort has become an important factor in the selection of the best protective garment. No longer does a worker have to sacrifice comfort for the sake of safety. Garments containing Protex fiber provide a harmonized blend of comfort and flame resistant performance, while maintaining good looks and durability. The four graphs** shown here illustrate in a scientific manner how comfort, long lasting good looks and durability are measured. These are the same type metrics that are used in evaluating high performance athletic apparel with great success. You will note that garments blended with Protex easily outperform garments made from 100% cotton or cotton/nylon blended fabrics. So, in addition to adhering to FR safety standards, you can be comfortable wearing garments blended with Protex fiber!

** The figures in these four graphs are typical measured values and are not guaranteed.


Protex does not melt or drip when exposed to intense heat or flames; instead it forms a char barrier through carbonization. Even when blended with non-FR thermoplastic fibers, Protex helps to reduce the risk of molten droplets.*

* Protex’s ability to reduce this risk depends on the blend ratio of other fibers in the fabric

Product Safety

FR is of outmost importance to us, as well as products safety which we continue to improve. Here are the latest safety studies.

Off Gassing Study Dermal Health Risk Assessment

Trust Us

Protex is the premium modacrylic fiber manufactured by Kaneka, a pioneer in the field with over 60 years of success, trusted worldwide. Protex surpasses the toughest FR standards. You can rely on Protex.

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